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The built-in wardrobe with sliding doors is the most liked furniture of the home!

The sliding door wardrobe is the most practical solution , in case you would not like to open doors. As it does not take much from the space, it has many advantages, ease of use and there is no unattainable unused space in it. The upper and lower bracket provides the operation of the doors of the sliding doors, but we can have sliding door without lower bracket too, in this case suspended construction. We prepare complete wardrobe room, in which everything fits from the shoes from the suitcases.

The sliding doors have lower and upper castors, that provide the easygoing operation. The doors will not stop and tighten and will operate perfectly by the passing of the years. We only buy sliding doors from manufacturers with huge past on which we give 10 years guarantee. On additional fittings and sliding door wardrobes we give 18 months guarantee.

Built-in wardrobe with sliding doors can be multifarious, only the imagination is the limit: our sliding door can be produced with many materials: i.e: mirror, stained glass, rattan, bamboo etc. At the built-in cupboards assess the needs, and based on this we make an offer to the inner layout. The cupboard interiors can be made as cupboards from wall to wall, floor to ceiling or stand-alone cupboard. The sliding door wardrobes are offered into any kinds of flats or offices. You can ask price offer from us by clicking on the price offer menu.

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