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Laboratory furniture, laboratory islandtable with superstructure, balance table, containers on wheels

Few words about us:

Our company manufactures laboratory furnitures for almost 10 years based on unique ideas at our customers great satisfaction. They are being made in 2 basic colors: grey and light beige, but it is possible to have them in different colors. There is no extra charge for any sized furniture, because the production opens up the possibilites, and we do not need to make compromise on the standard sizes. From the measuring to the installation we hold everything in one hand, so like this we avoid small mistakes, misunderstandings.The colleague who makes the measuring also preapres the laboratory furniture designe, and monitors the production process and the local installation.Our service includes complete laboratory implementation “electricity, water, gas” connection development made by an external company. Our laboratory furnitures are made of the most modern materials, because the quality is extremly important for us. We pay great attention to the design, as the utility of the furniture lies in the development of the small details. A well-designed furniture results comfortable, good working condition in which it’s a pleasure to work. If you wish to be informed about the manufacturing of the laboratory furniture, please contact us on the following number: 0670/931-4199 Sámuel Dobai. You can see the reference pictures in the picture gallery at the bottom of the page.

Our laboratory furnitures are manufactured to meet with the following requirements in every aspect:

  • abrasion resistance
  • utility
  • continue to be built if needed
  • guaranteed color consistency by the passing years

The own production makes it easier to satisfy the specific needs. Most of our productions are covered by 18 months guarantee. During the preparation of the cupboards, we design and product our furnitures taking into attention the needs of the users be it fixed or rolling. Based on our experiences we can say, that every laboratory is different, we take into attention the local conditions and applications because the right and well-designed laboratory furniture is made like this way. If you like our furnitures, please contact us with trust:

Look for our laboratory collegue: 0670/309-2344 phone number

Labortory furniture contents and description: the material in case of need is CPL covered furniture panel.

Balance table: standing or sitting height.

Containers on wheels: with 4 drawers and grey colored drawer slide.

Chemical cabinets, toxic cabinets with acid-proof drawers.

Suspended cabinets: standing or extra-strong document cabinet, which can be under built or free standing

Lower cabinets: drawers and shelves that can be combined.

Corner cabinet: 1/2 or 3/4 chrome circular basket.

Sink cabinet: 60 cm and 90 cm wide.

Cabinet with drawers: with 3 and 5 drawers.

Standing aluminium structured shelvings with the 180 cm maximum height.

Wall-mounted cabinets: with 1 or 2 doors.

Opened wall shelves: various metal structured standings, and moving rolling tables.

Sink: with special depth, and own design. Material: polypropylene

Eye shower: not granite

Antibakterial granite sink: In white, black and gray with the same faucet. In case of organic solvent or in case of washing strong solvent materials, polypropylene siphon and pipe system is used.

In case of need we provied our furnitures with special pins for sampling and explosion-proof gas connection.

Waste storage: In different versions it can be mounted on the door or base plate. On unique need mounted on worksheet with hidden ejector or with selective aperture.

Worksheet: Melamin (moderately resistant to acids and chemicals), technical ceramic or granite, from which the technical ceramic has the biggest chemical resistance.

It is assembled with special enumeration (bacteria-free).

C shaped metal table frames: For the longer life for standing or sitting work. Working height: 75 cm sitting, 90 cm standing. Dept: min. 75 cm, max. 120 cm and postforming on both sides in case of need.  Drawer: rolling metal. Capacity: small drawer 30 kg, big drawer 50 kg.

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