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Kitchen furniture: classic kitchen furniture, modern kitchen furniture sliding door wardrobe, laboratory furniture, wardrobe manufacturing based on unique sizes and concepts

Our company was founded in 2004 as a family enterprise, where our goal was to manufacture unique kitchen furniture and latter was expanded with manufacturing with laboratory furnitures, built-in wardrobes with sliding doors and wardrobes. During the years we have continuously developed our business, to meet the today’s expectations and the needs of the customers. Following this philosophy succeeded to be appreciated in this profession, that we base on our returning customers and we are very proud of it. During the past 10 years many cutomers turned to us with different ideas, that are equaly important to us. Our kitchen furniture in terms of color and design can not be compared to the standard products. Our kitchen furnitures are made based on unique plans, we give you several alternatives to use your furniture contentedly. Also you can choose from many materials as raw material and as worksheet you can choose the premium category granite or corian.

“For us there is no small or big work” and we deal with it as it is. I Samuel Dobai as the Executive our company is available for you with great expertise. The characteristics of our company lies in the elaboration of the furnitures, because we are convinced that the beauty of the furniture lies in the development of the details. We are pleased to be at your disposal if you have a specific idea regarding your kitchen furniture. Please send it to us, and we will respond in 2 working days. I can say for sure, that the furnitures made by us are not only household objects, but the gems of your house. You will not meet prices on our homepage because we only manufacture and not market kitchen furnitures, because an unique furniture has unique price, but we can still offer you these furnitures on an available price, because the own production gives us great space. The materials that can be chosen freely always result unique pricing, and we never make 2 identical kitchen furnitures, that would be the same in sizes and in materials. We create price only after consultation that is a free service of us and we fulfill within 2 working days.

If you liked to see our workshop in ÉRD you can do it in a pre-agreed time.

Let me indroduce you the products manufactured by us, that you can see under the menus above.

Our most important furniture types:

  • kitchen furniture
  • laboratory furniture
  • built-in wardrobe with sliding doors
  • wardrobe
  • children furniture

We would like to give you a taste from the furnitures made by us, and give help to our future customers for conception of their kitchen furnitures. We do not have specific running meter price, as its only misinform the customer: Because the price of the kitchen furniture depends on the material of the cupboards, the quality of the used fittings, and not least depends on the material and the surface treatment of the front doors. It can be misinforming too, if the customer is not aware that the additional elements like: crown slat, light bar, spice holder, different kind of interior chrome baskets are not included into the basic elements. A kitchen furniture with opening doors cant have the same price as a furniture with drawer elements, as the price of the drawers and the drawer fronts are higher. After spending 20 years in this business I would still not dare to say, that the expression “RUNNING METER PRICE” is correct. I am convinced that it should not be said, not even as information. We are assessing the needs of the customer and make the prices based on it, as we are an unique furniture manufacturer company, so there is no predetermined color and element! We can adapt to any colors, but and important point should not be lost, that the wood “LIVES” and it darkens by time, so the well-chosen color will not disappoint you latter.

Since our establishment we make a wide variety of furniture, the most determining is the classic kitchen furniture and the laboratory furniture. In the past years we got many references in the area of the modern kitchen furniture that is well liked among the youngsters. You can see them in the galery below.

We have extensive experience in the furniture manufacturing, because in our family carpentry profession has generation tradition. We also managed to expand this knowlidge with oversea experiences in terms of kitchen furniture and laboratory furniture manufacturing. So the manufacturing of the real american kitchen is not far from us as well, that is covered by the most advanced technological innovations.

The high-quality materials ensure a long service life for the furnitures made by us. Many references are behind us the prove the quality of our kitchen furniture and cupboards, that many returning customers are pleased to use. We take the realization of any kinds of wild ideas, as a masterpiece is joy for us too. During making the desing of the kitchen furniture, serious attention is paid to the arrangement of elements for practicality and comfort. Thank you for your interest and if you are interested in our furnitures we are pleased to be at your disposal.

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